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The Most Popular Department of Homeland Security Forms

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) PDF forms are some of the most searched information on various online databases. The government agency has improved its online service delivery and made it easy for people to access the forms. The mission of the department is to secure the country from many security threats. It uses several forms to gather lots of valuable information necessary for protecting the nation. Here are the most popular forms that the various components of the agency, especially the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), use:

Form I-9

The Department of Homeland Security uses Form I-9 to verify the identity of individuals that secure jobs in the United States. Moreover, it authenticates their employment authorization. The law requires US employers to complete this form for each of their workers. The employees are also required to complete Form I-9, whether they are citizens or non-citizens. An employee is required to:

  • Confirm whether he or she has employment authorization
  • Present valid employment authorization documents to the employer
  • Retain the form for a specific duration and avail it for inspection by the officers from the Department of Homeland Security whenever needed

Form I-I29S

This is the form that employers in the US with branches of their companies in foreign lands use to petition the Department of Homeland Security to classify their non-immigrant workers as L-1 intracompany transferee. Petitioners who the department has approved for the Blanket L-1 petition can also file Form I-129S. Based on eligibility, the government can also classify an overseas-worker as a specialized knowledge professional. However, if the professional is already in the United States, the petitioner can file Form I-129S along with I-129. The latter is useful for extending the stay of the beneficiary. It is also useful for changing the petitioner’s status.

Where can you file Form I-129S?

If you are outside the country, you only file this form. Once completed, submit it to a US Consular Office in the nation. If filing in the United States, do it as a USCIS service center.

Form EOIR-29 and Form G-1145

If the USCIS challenges your marriage and denies it, you need to appeal the decision. Of course, this only applies if the marriage is legitimate, and you have the evidence to prove it. Otherwise, your decision to file Form EOIR-29 may not bear any fruit. Other than marriage, the Department of Homeland Security allows you to use this form to challenge many other decisions that immigration officers make that you think is unjustified. Filing the petition is easy, as the form is a 2-page document. You can access it on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Choose whether you are appealing the decision by the Department of Homeland Security officer. Next, provide your name, the reason for filing your petition, and the reference number. For a notification when the USCIS has received your Form EOIR-29, file Form G-1145. As we mentioned in the beginning, these are a few of the documents that the Department of Homeland Security uses. You can find more on its website.

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