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What is the USCIS PDF Form and How is it Used

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handles several forms to administer the country’s immigration and naturalization process. This agency is one of the components within the United States Department of Homeland Security. Other duties of the USCIS are:

  • Administering immigration services and benefits
  • Resolving petitions regarding nonimmigrant temporary workers
  • Issuing documents that authorize employment

Here are some of the popular immigration and naturalization forms:

1. Form I-I29S

Form I-129 S is an essential document that companies use whenever they intend to bring their overseas workers into the United States temporarily. They petition USCIS to classify the beneficiaries as L-1 nonimmigrant intracompany transferees. For the USCIS to approve the petition, the company submitting the Form I-129S must meet the following guidelines:

  • Should have been engaging actively with its overseas subsidiaries
  • Have physical offices in the US and been doing business for at least one year
  • Have at least three branch offices

The US company must also meet the following criterion:

  • Have received not less than ten petition approvals for L-1 nonimmigrant intracompany referee in the past year


  • Have a turnover of not less than $25 million


  • Employs 1,000 people and above in the US

The employee must:

  • Hold a manager or executive position. For an L-1B, must hold a specialized knowledge position
  • Be a professional with a mix of work experience and at least an equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Have an office that included in the Blanket L petition

2. Form I-129

Many inexperienced employers often confuse Form I-129S and Form I-129. A simple mistake can lead to the cancellation of your petition. All the USCIS application processes involve non-refundable fees, which makes a mistake more dreadful. Form I-129 is a multi-purpose form that employers of nonimmigrant workers complete. You can fill it to request a change of status or stay extension. With this form, an employer can also apply for several types of nonimmigrant visas like H1B, L1, 01, O2, H1C, and H2A, for their overseas workers. However, if the overseas employee is eligible for an L1 visa based on Blanket L Petition, employers should file Form I-129S.

3. Form EOIR-29

Form EOIR-29 is useful for appealing the decision of the immigration officer. Since many people get into “marriage” relationships with the sole aim of obtaining US visas, USCIS does the due diligence when processing the application. However, sometimes, they can wrongly reject some applications because they are “sham marriages.” If the marriage is legitimate, you can raise an appeal within 90 days by filing Form EOIR-29. If that fails, you can refile your appeal later when you have enough evidence. For example, a couple that has been legitimately married for a few months but had not filed Form I-130 could refile the appeal once they have done so and have solid evidence. There are plenty of USCIS firms, and they have varied uses. If you need it, visit their official site for more.

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